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Dragonfire and Dirty Dishes

Once upon a time, there was a land known far and wide for its outlet mall and its Ikea, and for excessively long traffic lights at...

Pie Crust and Pooping Pigeons

Making pie crust involves a lot of aggressive pummeling…It’s very restorative. Like meditation that you can eat.

Coffee Together, Sort Of.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in the city, hunched over a spreadsheet. The radio is playing 1940s swing. An elderly gentleman comes in and...

Eastham Chronicles Part 1 - Getting There

Eastham is a tiny town about 40 miles out on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. I was lucky enough to go to high school there way back when,...

Designated Grownups: A Kind-of Tutorial

The world is full of designated grownups. You might be one because of your job, or your role in a family, or in a community. Designated...

Votes ‘n Dads ‘n Stuff

This election meant a lot in so many ways. One of the coolest parts by far was that my son, Mr. Thing One, voted for the first time. The...

Je me souviens…I Remember

November 1st. The day when, in a non-plague year, people are waking up from the (perhaps excesses of a) night of celebrating the...

Puppy(ies) Love

These weren’t the great wracking sobs from the night the accident happened, but the kind of crying where your heart constricts and your...


The world is on fire. Mostly figuratively, but also…actual fire. We talk to each other hatefully, hurtfully. People suffer – far and...

Chia Whiz

While assiduously not grading MacBeth exams, I found myself scrolling through the internet looking for, well, pug memes (if you must...

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A brutally honest haiku:

My motherhood is:

wiping counters I did not

soil. Also, yelling.

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